A unique resort with bungalows and minimalist rooms concept that artistically arranged with offers the natural beauty of the Garut city who can be seen from the hills, with bungalows stand on a fish pond, chiral roof, and a terrace facing fish pond reflects the rural architecture surrounded by rice fields and mountains,while rooms type with minimalist building concept can provide comfort located in the area cold temperature and fresh weather.
Bukit Alamanda Resort & resto began operations in August 2009, accordance with its name taken from the name of the flower that is Alamanda flower. From one point of view we can see directly view of the mountains and urban areas with distinct atmosphere, well as pine and fir trees are leafy landscaped with beautiful, our left and right are rice fields that owned by residents around the spread out wide, thrives support rural atmosphere is very thick.Resort is present to be a facility for visitors to the Garut city, who needs a break from the daily routine.Bukit Alamanda Resort is located on Highway Samarang which became one of the access road to the crater Kamojang presenting steam tour and access to the Darajat hot water park tour.
Bukit Alamanda Resort features 6 bungalows consists of 4 units of type lantana Suite (One bedroom & terrace), 1 amaryllis type unit (one bedroom, living room, and terrace), 1 unit of alamanda Suite type (two bedrooms and terrace), and 3 types of minimalist rooms consists of 5 units of orchid suites type (one bedroom, and a terrace), 12 units of Cataleya Suite type (one bedroom & patio) and 3 units of Edelwise type (one bedroom and a terrace). Other facilities to relax are close on any type of bungalow and minimalist rooms . We also have the plaza amphitheater, restaurant Alamanda, lounge, sitting on the floor and decks as well as a swimming pool and children’s playground. For meeting room we have three types of meeting rooms, with a capacity of 100 people.
The packages offered are quite varied. Start from Meeting Package, Outing / Gathering, Wedding Packages, birthday packages Package Lunch, etc. In addition we offer a superior package that is meninap honeymoon package with 3 days 2 nights in the romantic atmosphere of the place, so much fun to spend time with loved ones, making it an unforgettable experience.
For who had just arrived guest will be served a “Welcome Drink” it called “bandrek” that is a traditional drink made ​​from palm sugar, ginger, and spices served in a warm state, and the various pieces of fruits that gives freshness after doing a trip to the Garut city.
Enjoy Bukit Alamanda Resort services with a touch of hospitality and warmth and comfort facilities as needed, for local and foreign tourists .We will provide a wonderful and memorable experience for those who enjoy a holiday or business in Garut city.


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 Jln. Raya Samarang Km.5  Kmp. Mekarluyu Garut West Java-Indonesia

Telephone. +62-262-541933, +62-262-993971 Fax. +62-262-541974

E-mail : alamandahotels@gmail.com

Website : www.bukitalamanda.com

Facebook :  alamandahotels

Twitter : alamandahotels

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See The Beauty Of Swiss Van Java
On The Bukit Alamanda Garut

A unique resort with bungalows and rooms room concept minimalist artistically arranged to accentuate the natural beauty of the city arrowroot can be seen from the hills, with room bungalow which stands on a fish pond, a chiral roof, and a terrace